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Step 5 | Present the Proposal

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Step 5 | Present the Proposal

This is when preparation and pre-sale conversations with the clients really pay off.  It’s game time.

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You will do best in commercial insurance sales if you can stay out of the “sell on price” trap.   

This is where you deliver on the ground rules you established in Step 2.  

Yes, pricing matters – we absolutely agree but in commercial insurance unlike personal lines – the incumbent can get credits to meet or beat your price.  Focus on value.  

Price is just one component.  Focus on coverage and if you decide to leave your proposal behind, make sure you have set ground rules that the prospect will not just give your proposal to the incumbent agent.

If you don’t and they send the proposal to the incumbent, they can fix the coverage gaps you pointed out, or use your proposal as leverage for a better renewal. In either case, you’ve just done the incumbent’s job for them. 

After your value centered presentation you’ll be ready for Step 6 Issue the Policy.

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