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Step 6 | Issue the Policy

Step 6 | Issue the Policy

I remember getting back to the office after my first commercial sale.  I went into my dad’s office to talk to him about it. The first thing he said is “Now that you got a yes, the real work begins”. I laughed because I thought he was kidding – he wasn’t. 

In theory it should be as easy as hitting the issue button or emailing the underwriter, but it’s not.  Before you hit that button you need to complete the new business checklist (it includes things like photos, prior declaration pages, signed apps, signed cancellation, finding out who the cert holders are, and more) and clarifying the billing plan your prospect wants. 

Then you need to upload all of the documents listed on the new business checklist to EZLynx so you can access them if you are ever in a pinch or get audited: 

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Many of the documents should be there already from earlier steps, but there will be some new ones from this step (like the application).

From some of the conversations we’ve had with agents who are new to commercial we can tell they wonder if all the documentation is really necessary.  If you look at the best practices for carriers like Travelers, you will see that our expectations are right in line with them.

Step 6 is super easy if you follow the New Business Checklist.  If you don’t it will make issuing the policy haphazard.

Many agents treat Step 6 like it’s the end of the sales cycle. They’re missing two key steps, starting with Step 7 Deliver the Policy

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