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Step 8 | Service the Policy

Step 8 | Service the Policy

This is a broad step and can vary the most depending on the classes of business you decided to market.   

Contractors are a lot of work.  You can expect vehicle changes, changes to the operations or services provided, cert requests, changes to the IM – and many more. 

On the other hand, a restaurant or retail operation will usually be pretty quiet. 

The problem with commercial service is that it is often technically more difficult than most personal lines service. For example, a certificate might request a certain endorsement or form number.  You have to see if that form is included, what it does, and if it is not included – can it be included and at what cost? 

For agents who are new to commercial lines you need to know when to ask for help.  Most of the time the carrier will be the best equipped to answer your questions – but you should never guess or assume when servicing a policy.   

You don’t want to be the insurance equivalent of one of these contestants

On accounts that you really value you’ll also want to do regular policy reviews.  This will help make sure their policy stays up to date and changes with them as their business changes. Proactively reaching out on things like completed audits and renewals will help you keep that business longer.   

Those are just a few examples of what you should be prepared for as you venture into commercial insurance. 

Good service after the sale = retention.

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