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Step 1 | Marketing

Step 1| Marketing

When it comes to marketing, we suggest you start by thinking about what types of businesses you are familiar with or to which you already have connections. As you may remember, when you start getting into commercial insurance you are better off (especially in the beginning) specializing.  Start by picking two to three classes of business.  

Then you can reach out to the commercial team and we’ll give you some insight on how competitive our carriers are for those types of businesses.  We can also talk about what types of accounts have the highest success rates.   

Marketing is the hardest part of getting into commercial insurance.  It requires discipline to reach out to businesses that are eligible and discipline to walk away from the ones that are not.  If you can do that, you should be successful. 

Whether it’s sports, building a house, or selling commercial insurance – having a great plan is important, but execution of that plan is essential.  Once your plan is approved you can expect some follow up from us on how the execution of your plan is going. 

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Homer would have been a terrible commercial insurance agent.

If you don’t market, you’ll need to stick with the warm lead teams. 

Once you have an eligible prospect you will be ready for Step 2 Information Gathering

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