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How to Submit a Warm Lead

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Risk Must Qualify

It is important to confirm that your Warm Lead prospect qualifies with Hartford and Liberty Mutual before submitting the application. In order to keep Firefly Agency’s relationship strong with our carriers, we must ensure that we are sending them risks that they are comfortable writing and that our agents are confident in their prospects. When you have a qualified prospect, navigate to the Firefly Agent Portal to get started.

Click this link for the appetite guides of each Warm Lead carrier.

Submitting Your Warm Lead

Once you have confirmed eligibility and that your prospect qualifies for Hartford or Liberty Mutual, you will need to submit the information online (click here: Firefly Warm Leads )

Here is a brief video that will walk you through how to do it:

Coordinating With Prospect and Carrier

The benefit of Commercial Warm Leads is that your sole responsibility is connecting the Prospect directly to the Carrier. There is no hassle of retaining signed documents, applications, or gathering billing / payment information.

When submitting your application on the Warm Leads Submission Page, verify that all the contact information for your prospect is correct. (Contact name, phone number and email address). Please also make sure that you provide a detailed description of the insured’s operations in the ‘Describe business activity’ box. This will help Hartford and Liberty Mutual determine the most appropriate class of business your prospect will fall under and is especially helpful when you don’t know the class code.

It is very important important that you, as the agent, complete the AGENT section by providing your name and email address so that we can identify the referring agent if any issues arise.

EZLynx – Create a Commercial Applicant

After you click ‘SUBMIT’ on the Warm Leads Submission Page, navigate to EZLynx immediately and create a Commercial Application for your prospect. Please be sure to make the applicant type a ‘Prospect’ and that the ‘Customer Since’ is the date of your submission. This is how Firefly knows to pay you on the account, so if you do not do it, we will not know to pay you.

Add a Sticky Note and identify your prospect as a Warm Lead. This is important so that when a policy is issued, we are aware that no documentation is needed.

**Note: If a sale is not made for one of your prospects, you can generate an EZLynx report of ‘Commercial Prospects’ by ‘Customer Since’ for an opportunity to quote again the following year.

Your First Warm Lead

When you have confirmed your prospect is eligible with The Hartford and Liberty Mutual, and you are ready to submit your first Warm Lead, schedule an appointment with a member of the Commercial Lines Team. We will walk you through the portal, the submissions page and EZLynx and help make sure you understand the process and complete the submission correctly.

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