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How to Get Paid for Warm Leads

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How to get paid for Warm Leads – and not get contacted by the compliance team:

In order to get paid on one your warm lead; you need to make a commercial applicant in EZLynx:

When you get notice from the carrier that your prospect has bought a policy, go into EZLynx and make a sticky note:

(Because you follow processes so well you had already Created a Commercial Applicant as a Prospect.)

In the sticky note indicate that this is a warm lead. That will inform the compliance team that they do not need to look for (or reach out to you for) retention documents.

Then, copy the text from the notification email you got from the carrier and paste it into the sticky note. Here are samples of what they will look like:

Pasting that information will record your Insured’s information and will document who on the sales team sold that policy for you.  While the policy will be serviced by the carrier, you will have ample opportunity to maintain a good relationship with the Insured, and the sticky note will be helpful for weeks, months, and years to come.

Having followed the Warm Lead sales process, you are freed up to write all the more new business!

Then you are done and on to writing more new business!

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